Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Week of November 25

And now it's December! how fast time flies.

Anyway, I don't have much time. The week was good and we had a sweet zone conference with Elder Zaballos of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He is a super sweet guy, and even cooler cause he is a Seventy. Anyway the conference was great. It has been blistering hot this week, and there have been some crazy rainstorms as well, but the work moves on with out fail.

I will share a part of my letter with president, but it's in Spanish, so ask Dad to translate it.

Amanda's Note: I translated this as best I could because I'm too lazy to email Dad for the translation.

Yesterday we had an experience with the influence of the spirit. We were walking towards an appointment and contacting some people along the way. When we kept walking, we saw a couple who were sitting in their yard, about 20 feet from the edge. "Contact them," I thought, and my companion had the same thought. When we were going home, the strong feeling came again and this time I followed it. We went and talked to them and they let us in. We shared a good discussion with them about the Restoration, and they seemed to be very interested. I testified in a way I had never done before, and I'm sure they felt the Spirit. They are very good people, and I know that the Lord led us to them. I hope to make progress, but if they don't, it's okay, because I know I gave them the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Ayer justamente tuvimos una experiencia con la influencia del espíritu. Estabamos caminando hacía una visita y contactabamos algunas personas en el camino. Al seguir caminando, vimos una pareja que estaban sentada en su patio, unos 20 metros hacía el fondo. Yo pensé contactarles, pero mi sompañero seguió de largo le seguía también. Al pasar yo la casa, fuertamente me vino la impresión de hablarles, y esta vez, lo seguí. Fuimos y hablamos, y ellos nos dejaron pasar. Compartimos un buen rato con ellos a cerca de la restauración, y me parecía que tenían mucha interés en lo que compartimos. Yo les testifiqué de una manera que nunca había hecho antes, y estoy seguro que ellos sintieron del Espíritu. Son muy buena gente, y sé que El Señor nos guiaba a ellos. Espero que progresen, pero sí no, estoy bien con mi mismo, por que sé que les dí la oportunidad de escuchar el evangelio.

Anyway, love you guys, have a good week, and sorry I wasn't able to write too much. The church is true and God loves you.

Elder Treviño

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